I was born in Bilbao, on the edge of the Nervión river, in the Basque Country. My childhood developed between a very industrialized city in that time and the country side and the forests ; Surrounded by a family with a strong basque identity, very rooted in the country.
I studied humanities, philology , at the Deusto university from Bilbao.
Installed in Grenoble, France, I discovered the painting since 1990. I use acrylique paints, inks, pigments….I create pastes and I make use of all kind of materials that I introduce in my artworks.
I’ve created several sculptures made of differents pieces of materials assembled together ( old iron , ..) and clay sculptures.

MOMENTOS 2006 – 2007

My first paintings are moments, thoughts, feelings. They are an experience or the beginning of something without knowing where I am going, letting myself be guided by the non-existing chance.
They are little pieces, small drops of my inner world that take shape. In contact with colours and pigments, mortars and materials, the imagination and the creation take their places, there are no more limits.

We are a part of a universe, in which everything is changeable, as everything can change for the better.

AMA LUR 2008-2009

During these years, I try to send a message about the reality of our planet, its destruction and the change that it’s needed to have a future on earth. I start with mother earth, a painting that represents our mother earth as heaven, protective, full of wealth, and I finish with the paintings the wounded earth and the mutilated earth.

« ama lur, ama lurra, mother earth, sacred earth, protective earth, earth of love, wounded earth, the man and the earth… »

Ikuspuntuak 2010 – 2013

Several ways of perception.
The journey continues and I wonder.
Each of us has different lives and experiences.
Our history, our culture, our education
And the evolution of our lives
Change our point of views. Our
Realities are plural.

But in the end, this reality is
Always the same.

What is this reality?
What is the great truth?

Do each of us have access to only a part of this truth?

Ikusi makusi 2014 – 2015

Wealth of other civilisations, roots, expoliation, present time, experiences, hope…

Arimaren bultzada 2016

The artist disappears; I let myself be guided by the source, by the essence of the being, by the inspiration… The body is just a tool to create, to express in its entire power and depth the impetus of the soul:

Irrationnal, intuitive, sincere.

In my paintings, I began using more materials, a painting in three dimensions. In 2016, the step toward sculpture is done naturally; I feel like this new practice is an extension of my paintings.

I discovered the pleasure of working the clay with my hands, a violence and a sweetness, that of kneading and caressing in order to shape and create objects, which are the results of my environment and imaginary.

I build prisms, which will become the trees of my earth…

Sustraiak 2017

This last year, my work has been oriented towards my origins. The depth of my roots, deeply rooted in my ancestors land, allowed me to enrich and nourish myself, and helped me to grow and to open myself to the universe. In many of my paintings and sculptures, trees have been a source of inspiration. Since antiquity, trees, and especially oaks, are highly symbolic and considered sacred in numerous civilizations.

The tree of energy, the wounded tree, the sacred tree, the cry of the tree…